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1. AC 110V/220V~240V, 50Hz, 800W.

2. Our own patent  for  handle and brush.

3. 1 speed with 3 temperatures, 0 - cool - warm - hot.

4. Multifunction hair styler, 11 accessories for choice.

5. Two brush for choice, brush motor, 40000 round, above 200 hours life time, wind speed 7~9m/s, brushless motor, 110000 round , above 1000 hours life time, more powerful wind speed, make hair styler and dryer more faster, save time, wind speed 10~12m/s.

11 accessories function:

A. Airwrap (diameter 30mm):  hair curler by air.

B. Airwrap(diameter 30mm): hair curler by air.

C. Pre-styler dryer : hair dryer.

D. Concentrator : hair dryer.

E. Volume lifter : lift hair roots.

F. Half brush : hair straighter, hair tip internal buckle.

G. Roll brush : hard hair quality for curler, fringe.

H. Point roll brush : soft hair quality for curler, fringe.

I. Small brush(diameter 34mm) : small size hair curler.

J. Big brush(diameter 54mm) : big size hair curler.

K. Curling iron : smaller size hair curler.

6. Double cover  net , stainless steel inside.

7. Handle material : ABS

8. Brush material : PC

9. Airwrap brush makes hair curling by air function.

10. Wind curling by high speed motor , 40 hundred round.

11. Double protect , temperature control and safety cut off.

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